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        The Galician Entomological Association “Luis Iglesias” (AEGA) is a non-profit organization with a scientific and cultural mission. The organization seeks to bring together all those interested - individuals and institutions alike - who have an interest in Galician entomological fauna, and who feel committed to its study and conservation. Its area of operation is centered in Galicia (NW Spain), although, for geographic and cultural reasons, it is also open to bordering Spanish provinces, as well as Portugal.

        The aim of AEGA is the study of entomology in its widest sense, with a special emphasis in the systematics and faunistics of arthropods. Along with its scientific work, AEGA offers counseling to the ONGs and public organizations who so wish, particularly regarding the protection of invertebrates and environmental education. 

        AEGA’s work is done through the Internet. On the different sections of this web site, existing information on Galician entomological fauna is found. There is an internal mailing list that allows a quick communication between members. This is possible thanks to the support offered by RedIris and the coordinators of the Virtual Community of Users of Entomology. 

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