Diary of activities of GTLI during 2001

An abridged version of the Spanish diary is provided, with emphasis in the international activities or contacts.

Data received
(1) Lioudmila Volkova (Russia): photocopies of several publications about the conservation status of Lucanidae in Russia and the former Soviet Union (January 2001).
(2) Zaharia Neculiseanu (Association of Zoologists of the Republic of Moldova, Moldova): status and distribution maps of L. cervus, D. parallelepipedus and Pl. caraboides in the Republic of Moldova (February 2001).
(3) Niklas Lönnell (Artdatabanken, Swedish Agricultural University): provided the distribution map of L. cervus in Sweden (March 2001).
(4) Dmitry Telnov (Latvia): information about L. cervus in Latvia (September 2001).
(5) Kate Lancaster (UK): kindly proof readed the homepage of GTLI (October 2001).

Data requested
(1) Sven G. Nilsson (Lund University, Sweden): Information requested on the abundance of Ceruchus chrysomelinus in Spain (January 2001). Information provided.
(2) Martin Sanford (Suffolk Biological Records Centre, United Kingdom): request of a reprint of the paper Álvarez Laó & Álvarez Laó (1996) (March 2001).
(3) Michael D. Warriner (Mississippi State University, USA): Information requested on sampling methods in lucanids (September 2001). Information and further contact addresses provided.
(4) Taylor Lee Jackson (Virginia, U.S.A.): This 7 years old boy asked for a summary of GTLI’s activities for his school.

Contacts with other groups
(1) GTLI sent information about its activities to the secretary of the International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) (January 2001).