Diary of activities of GTLI during 2004

An abridged version of the Spanish diary is provided, with emphasis in the international activities or contacts.

(1) Publication of the note:
Méndez Iglesias, M. (2004). Are Stag Beetle populations declining? Quercus 222: 43.
(2) Writing of the chapters about L. cervus, P. barbarossa and P. spinifer for the red list and red book of Spanish invertebrates.
(3) Collaboration in the chapter about P. barbarossa for an Andalusian book on scarce and threatened invertebrates.

Data received
(1) Otto Merkl (Hungary): information about the conservation status of Lucanidae in Hungary (February 2004).
(2) John Alexander Pulgarín (Colombia) sends references about sampling of saproxylic beetles (February 2004).
(3) Marek Bunalski (Poland): information about the status of L. cervus in Poland (March 2004).
(4) Serban Proches (Romania): information about Lucanidae in Romania, as well as about the status of L. cervus in Romania (May 2004).
(6) Publication of the note in the magazine Quercus triggered lot of reports of L. cervus in different parts of Spain. A total of 53 messages were received reporting data on this species. As a result of this a very good update was got of the presence of the Stag Beetle in all the Spanish provinces with historical records for this beetle and about 40 new squares were added to the Iberian distribution map.

(7) Petru Istarte (Romania): Romanian localities of L. cervus (August 2004).
(8) Suvad Lelo (Bosnia-Hercegovina): status of L. cervus in Bosnia-Hercegovina (October 2004).

Data requested
(1) Jason Chapman (Rothamsted Research, UK) requested individuals of L. cervus for a study on pheromone production.

Contacts with other groups
(1) Joserra Díez (Vizcaya) coordinated the building of a pyramid for saproxylic insects in Busturia, Basque Country (March 2004).