Status of Lucanidae in Europe: an enquiry

The Working Group on Iberian Lucanidae (GTLI) is conducting a survey on the status of the Lucanidae in Europe. Could you possibly help us by providing some information about your country? Fill in the present form and return it to the contact address below. The information obtained will be posted at GTLI’s homepage for public access. Thanks in advance for your kind collaboration.

(1) Country:
(2) How many Lucanidae species are present in the country? List them and provide a reference if available:
(3) Which is the threat status of those species; are they redlisted in your country? Provide a reference (red data book or similar) if available:

The following questions refer to Lucanus cervus. Feel free to provide answers also for any other Lucanidae species in your country.

(4) Species: Lucanus cervus
(5) Can you send us a distribution map (provide a reference if available)?:
(6) Abundance (indicate numbers, population density or rank in a common-rare continuum, whatever that is known) or distribution (indicate number of 10 x 10 km squares occupied, number of known localities or other estimates):
(7) Is this species protected in your country? (provide a reference if available -red data book, law, other reports-):
(8) Threat category (IUCN category if available, otherwise explain the meaning of the category):
(9) Is any population trend available? (provide a reference if available):
(10) Which are the known or supposed sources of threat? (make it clear whether sources of threat are known or supposed):
(11) Representation in natural preserves (number of reserves, % of population in reserves):
(12) Current or planed projects for recovery of the species:

Contact address
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