Working Group on Iberian Lucanidae (GTLI)


The main objective of the GTLI is to promote the interchange of information, literature and ideas among those entomologists (either amateurs or professionals, members of SEA or not) interested in Iberian Lucanidae. It intends to be a platform to coordinate projects not accesible to single individuals, in order to speed up the progress in data gathering and improvement of knowledge of Lucanidae in the Iberian peninsula (taxonomy, distribution, biology, conservation, etc.). Given the amateur status of most collaborators of GTLI, the objectives of the working group are kept simple but the intention is to make a work as serious as possible.

An initial objective of the group is to extend the data base already available to include data and literature about distribution and biology of all Iberian Lucanidae. This kind of information is becoming more and more important for biogeographical and conservation purposes. With this initiative, SEA and GTLI intend to promote this kind of approach among Iberian entomologists.

Of course, Lucanidae offer many other possibilities for research than could benefit from collaboration between societies or individuals, and GTLI welcomes proposals from people interested in actively participate in the activities of the group. Collaboration and contact with similar groups in Europe is also welcome. Activities of GTLI will be publicited through the publications of SEA and this home page. For further information about GTLI’s objectives, check the “Past, present and future projects” section below.

GTLI it is not devoted to capture, exchange or trade of Lucanidae, except for strictly scientific purposes. When capture is necessary for a project, GTLI will request the required permissions from the authorities.

Last updated: 15 August 2003