Working Group on Iberian Lucanidae (GTLI)


Justification and objectives
Roads are a source of habitat fragmentation (Munguira & Thomas, 1992; Reijnen & Foppen, 1994; Fahrig et al., 1995; Forman & Alexander, 1998) and cause the death of several vertebrate and invertebrate species (Garnica & Robles, 1986; Munguira & Thomas, 1992; González Prieto et al., 1993; Forman & Alexander, 1998). In some cases these negative effects can be important for the conservation of populations of some threatened species (Fahrig et al., 1995; Forman & Alexander, 1998).

In northern Spain mortality in roads of Stag Beetle has been reported (Álvarez Laó & Álvarez Laó, 1995) and, in fact, this was one of the reasons that leaded to the formation of the Project Stag Beetle. The objective of this project is to quantify the mortality of Stag Beetle in roads and the factors which can contribute to it. A further objective is to utilise road mortality as an abundance index for Stag Beetle.

Data are available for seven years (1992-1998) in the Avilés area (Asturias, northwestern Spain) about mortality in roads.

Study sites (in preparation)

Figures about mortality of Lucanus cervus in roads (only in Spanish)

Mortality in roads as an abundance index of Lucanus cervus (only in Spanish)


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Last updated: 20 August 2003