Part of the information contained in this homepage is considered of interest to Spanish readers only and has not been translated to English. This information is indicated in the text as (only in Spanish). If you think such information is also valuable to foreign readers, please contact us and we will consider to translate it in future updates of this homepage.

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0. SAPROXYLIC INSECTS- Generalities about saproxylic insects, their ecological importance and sampling methods, as well as a research agenda for the Iberian saproxylic entomology.
Last updated: 1December 2005

1. IBERIAN LUCANIDAE- Generalities about Iberian Lucanidae, with pictures of each species and determination keys (only in Spanish) for imagoes and larvae.
Last updated: 24 December 2005

2. THE WORKING GROUP ON IBERIAN LUCANIDAE (GTLI)- Description and history of GTLI, with a list of collaborators.
Last updated: 17 November 2003

--- Copies of GTLI's publications ---

3. GENERAL OBJECTIVES OF GTLI- Objectives of the group are to contribute to a better knowledge of Iberian Lucanidae and to promote collaboration between entomologists interested in Lucanidae.
Last updated: 15 August 2003

4. PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE PROJECTS- Diary with annual activities of GTLI and a list of the ongoing or future projects. A description of each project is included, with instructions for the collaborators (only in Spanish) and a summary of the main results.

4.1 Diary 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Last updated: 30 June 2007
4.2 Iberian distribution of Lucanidae Last updated: 1 July 2007
4.3 Presence of Lucanidae in towns Last updated: 16 August 2003
4.4 Abundance of Lucanus cervus Last updated: 23 December 2005
4.5 Biology of Lucanidae Last updated: 10 July 2006 -- VERSION 3.1
4.6 Larval development of Lucanidae Last updated: 19 August 2003
4.7 Status of Lucanidae in Europe Last updated: 16 July 2006
4.8 Mortality of Lucanus cervus in roads Last updated: 20 August 2003
4.9 Lucanus cervus trade Last updated: 20 August 2003
4.10 Habitat for Lucanidae: assessment and restoration Last updated: 26 September 2006
4.11 Lucanus cervus genetics Last updated: 13 February 2008

5. CONTACT ADDRESSES- How to contact GTLI.
Last updated: 22 August 2006

6. LINKS- Other homepages with interesting information about taxonomy, biology and conservation of Lucanidae, either in Europe or elsewhere in the world.
Last updated: 21 August 2006